First off, I did it!!  Well, sort of did it, I was one of many thousands caught up in the delays and as such had no choice and had to follow the diversion and miss out Leith Hill due to televised race later on.  So I had a total ride distance of 92 miles, which I’m still proud of and was way further than I’ve ever been on my bike before and 54 miles further than I’ve done in any training this year. This is the second mass participation cycling event I’ve completed after London to Brighton in June 2014 and the delays and holdRead More →

All prep done? We’ll I’ve done as much as I’m going to do now!! I was worried about my speed over the first two hours but after looking at the rise and fall of the first part of the ride, I’m hoping barring an mechanical problems to do the first 45 miles in around 3 hours, which should then buy me some breathing time when I’m blowing out my arse plodding up Leith Hill later in the day. Been trying to write myself a checklist of what I need to take with me on Sunday as well.  Think I’m pretty much there with the exceptionRead More →

My 7 year old daughter is also going to take part in the 10 mile Ride London fun ride, on Saturday 30th July this year, so she got a bit of practice cycling 6 miles to the Knebworth Country Show at Knebworth House on Saturday just gone.  Her and her friends did pretty well! She managed the 10 miler last year, with a nice stop for lunch along the way.  Hopefully this year she will do it without falling off, thankfully a nice couple on Bromptons had the worlds biggest first aid selection on hand last time.Read More → Time for a little rant, and from reading a lot of comments on Facebook, many ‘slower’ cyclists like myself have huge concerns over this. I put down that the ride would take me about 8 and a half hours, which means an average speed of just under 12 miles an hour which of course should be quite easy to do especially if you’ve put in enough training and when you are riding on closed roads. However it is this that seems to be worrying a lot of people Please note: Irrespective of your start time you must cross Hampton Court Bridge (mile 27) by 10:50Read More →

Well, last weekend I managed to get out and do the Evans Ride It Essex Sportive.  Last year I had the horrible thing of getting a DNF against my name after getting an unmendable puncture!  It was just me, who couldn’t mend it, it was the person I was riding with together with the mechanical back up from Evans Cycles.  I even took the puncture to get repaired at my local bike shop, but he couldn’t do it.  Something to do with the tyre being too tight for the rim.  Anyway to cut a long story short I needed new tyres. Anyway, that was afterRead More →

I know, I know I’ve been lazy! You start these blogs with the best intentions in the world but real life seems to catch up with you and little things like blogging get put on the backburner.  Anyway with just 4 weeks to go until Ride London I will promise to update this more!!Read More →

As I’ve started my training for Ride London now, my 7 year old daughter as also decided she wants to start training for the Free Cycle on the Saturday. She done nearly 6 miles to day, which was quite a bit hillier and certainly a lot less crowded than the London route so had to pedal with no breaks! At least she can say she’s made half distance already in her training!! More →